Enrichment Programs



Children’s Chapel is a fundamental and distinctive part of Grace.  Each week our 2-5 year olds attend chapel service with the church Pastor or Children’s Director.  Each teacher participates with their class family. Children hear Bible stories, sing songs about God, participate in discussions and pray.



Chrissy Vogel Brown, owner of GTFL Athletics, will be running the gymnastics program this school year. Chrissy is a former University of Florida Gator gymnast with a Master’s Degree in Education. She has been coaching for over 20 years.



Each week our 3’s and 4’s are taught by Ms. Maura using puppets, posters, animals and many other things. The children are given opportunities to learn basic conversational words, songs and stories.  The children learn numbers, colors and many other things.

Discovery Center


Discovery Center offers an opportunity to explore and discover based on the Value of Play. A sense of wonder and curiosity gives your child the tools to be lifelong learners. Every five weeks Mrs. Faye makes changes to include such things as Santa’s Workshop, Antarctica of the South Pole, Space Station Exploration, Rain Forest, Savanna Desert and more. Did you know that play is the leading tool for research? Come and take apart a VCR, see the effects of air current, weave thru a spider web, shop in nana’s farmer market or make giant bubbles, but most of all enjoy having fun as children.