Welcome to Our Pre-2 (Age 1) Classrooms

We would like to welcome you and your child to our Pre-Two classroom.  A program designed specifically for your one year olds.  Our classroom will keep your child stimulated and interested throughout their day with us and most of all, we will have a lot of fun!!

Our learning environment promotes growth and development through opportunities for your child to explore and learn.  The curriculum we use with our Pre-twos is called Creative Curriculum, which is an approved curriculum from School Readiness.  This curriculum is utilized in all classrooms here so it will follow your child throughout each classroom until preschool graduation.  We provide all the children an opportunity to make meaningful choices and allow them time to explore and participate as part of their daily activities.

Our class sizes and low teacher to child ratio and utilization of a consistent daily schedule allow us to give individual attention to each child throughout their day here with us.  Our classroom is designed to give the children opportunities to receive quality interaction amongst each other as well as plenty of time for play in small groups and one on one throughout their day.

We look forward to helping your child prepare for their journey ahead.  If you need any additional information regarding your child and their progress in our class or if you have any ideas you would like to share please feel free to let us know.

Personal belongings

Your child will be assigned a personal cubby to store their personal belongings.  We ask that all parents provide diapers, wipes, change of clothes and blankets for nap time.  We will be sure to send you home a note when your child is need of any supplies so remember to check on a daily basis.

Sign In and Out Daily

Our sign in sheets are  located conveniently inside our classroom door right by the entrance.  All parents are required to sign their child in and out on a daily basis with FULL NAME and TIMES.

Teacher/Parent Communication

Each day Grace Preschool red bags are used for each child. Please take home and return each day that your child is here. Within these daily bags you will receive a daily information sheet about your child’s day. Additionally, you are always welcome to call or write a note back for any needs you may have. This bag is also provided for any handouts, masterpieces created by your child, monthly calendars as well as any information pertinent to the facility.  Please make it part of your pick up and drop off routine to check your child’s bag daily.  We also use a dry erase/chalkboard for an additional way to provide information for you as well.

Nap Time

Each child in our class is assigned a cot for their personal use.  These cots are disinfected every day.  Please bring in one blanket for your child for nap time in case they get chilly.

Classroom Monthly Calendars

Grace Preschool’s monthly calendars are available on our website.  Make sure to check them out for school activities and events.

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences and assessments are done two times per year.  This assessment becomes part of their portfolio which remains in the classroom and is reviewed during parent conferences.  These assessments are done to assist teachers in knowing where your child is developmentally. It also helps to pinpoint the key areas that we may need to spend some additional time on with your child.


We begin our lunch time at 11:45 and wrap up by 12:30.  Please let the office know if your child has any known allergies so that we may post in our classroom for future reference.  Please keep in mind that we do respect the privacy of your child so this information will be hung discreetly.  If your child is going to be late for any reason, please plan on arriving before 11:45.  To avoid any interruption to our napping children we do not allow any children to be dropped off during our resting time.