Welcome to Our Three Year Old Classrooms

We have a program designed specifically for our Three Year Old Classrooms that will keep your child  stimulated and interested throughout their day. We would like to welcome your child to our classroom.

Our Learning Approach
Our learning environment promotes growth and development through opportunities for children to explore and learn.  The curriculum that we utilize in our Three Year Old classrooms is age appropriate and is designed to meet each child’s individual needs.  Our teaching methods provide children with opportunities to make meaningful choices and allow them to explore through active participation in daily classroom activities. As part of a quality program we are trained to teach children through play.  Our classrooms are designed  for children to build on their communication skills and to discover and explore.

Our class sizes and ratios allow individual attention for each child throughout the day.  We feel that it is very important to emphasize the quality of interaction between the children and their teachers and how it directly affects the quality of the care they receive.

We look forward to helping you prepare your child for the journey ahead.  If you need any additional information regarding the three year old classrooms please feel free to let us know.

We are looking forward to a wonderful year!!

Personal Care

Your child will be assigned a personal cubby area to keep their belongings as well as a hook to hang their jacket or coat when necessary.  These areas will be clearly labeled with your child’s name/ photo.  This will help your child become familiar with their classroom surroundings.  We will teach your child to be responsible with their belongings and use their cubby on a daily basis.  Please remember to take your child’s blankets/nap things home every Friday and have them washed and return on Monday.

Meals & Snacks

Your child will be provided with group snack while they are here.  We begin lunch at 12:00 daily. We try to encourage healthy eating habits with all of the children here, so please do not send your child to school in the morning with sugary drinks or sugary snacks for breakfast.

Classroom Rules

Classroom rules are created by the teachers and children together.  These rules are thought about during a large group time activity and then written and posted on the wall for review.  This helps in giving your child a visual reminder of their expectations in our classrooms.  Your child will be reminded of these rules often to ensure safety at school.

Drop Off & Pick Up

Please remember to sign your child in and out every day.  Our sign in/out logs are located inside our classrooms above the cubby area.  When arriving in the morning your child should wash their hands and then proceed to their classroom.

Parent Conferences

Parent conferences are held two times a year; to go over all of your children’s work and the progress they have made.  As much as we would love to conference with you every day, it is very difficult to do so.  You can at any time request additional conferences if you need to by letting us know.

Show & Tell

We will have Show & Tell every Friday.  This will be the only day your child may bring a toy from home.  Please refrain from sending your child in with a toy any other day than Friday.  Toys chosen for Show & Tell should be a toy that your child is willing to share.  Please do not send in toys that are priceless, rare, or expensive.  This gives the children an opportunity to build their vocabulary skills by talking about items they are familiar with.

Outside Time

We go outside three times daily.  Once at morning dropoff, 10:30 and then again in the afternoon after nap time.  3:00. Because of the many different surfaces we have in our playground we ask that your child only come to school with close toed shoes.  Some activities we do on the playground are very difficult to do in sandals or flip flops. Thank you for your cooperation.

Assessment Testing

Individual assessments will be done on your child after the first month of attendance with us.  This will help us knowing what areas your child is strong and what areas they may need some additional attention.  Results for all assessments are reviewed during parent conferences unless there are any immediate concerns.